The athlete’s parents, who have fallen out with the Australian authorities, have supported their son from the very beginning. Serjan Djokovic thinks the whole situation is humiliating. Djoko has not been vaccinated against COVID-19. It was initially categorized as a “medical exception” and was allowed entry to Australia, which is very restrictive. Then she backed off.

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Srjan Djokovic stated that his son was in prison in Australia and described the state authorities as “idiots”. Now he has appealed to Queen Elizabeth II to intervene in human rights abuses: “I urge great women leaders to step in and protect human rights. My son has been the victim of political stalking since he came to Australia.”

Earlier, Djokovic’s mother had also expressed concern about her son’s fate. “You can imagine how I feel,” said Dijana Djokovic. I feel bad. Dijana Djokovic said they are keeping him as a prisoner, it is unfair and inhumane.

– His dwellings are awful. It’s kind of a small immigrant hotel, if you can call it a hotel. There are bugs out there, it’s dirty everywhere and the food is disgusting. She added that they do not allow him to move to another hotel or rented house.

An Australian court has rejected the government’s decision to revoke Djokovic’s visa. The Serb is scheduled to retrieve his passport and leave the immigration detention center immediately. However, this does not mean that he will definitely perform at the Australian Open, Because the authorities, despite the court ruling, can still return him to his home.

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Prepared by: Mikhail Russell