Blizzard offered Overwatch players another challenge, while offering full production support for Microsoft’s new consoles. On Xbox Series X | S, you can fight your opponents at 120 FPS.

From March 9 to March 22, a special PachiMarchi event runs on the servers of Overwatch, thanks to which fans of intense struggles can get, among other things, another look of Wieprz – enough to win at least 9 duels the next day 2 weeks (fast play, match Classified or arcade). After logging in, users will receive 6 community sprays, while 6 wins will be rewarded with Junkrat’s expression. In 3 wins, there will be a player icon representing PachiMarchi.

All the novelties are introduced in the trailer below, and at the same time, it turns out that Blizzard isn’t showing off the novelty, which seems to be the most important – from now on Overwatch is working on Xbox Series X | S at 120 fps.

Players using the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles can play a new mode called “Framerate”, which will produce Element will work at 1440p at 120Hz on XSX or 1080p and 120Hz on XSS.

Perhaps due to the requirements of setting up a custom version, we will not currently be facing the 120fps network issue on the PlayStation 5. Therefore, Call of Duty Warzone is available in the liquidity expected on XSX | S, But not on the latest Sony console.

If you’ve been waiting for Overwatch 2, check it out The latest material for preparing the highly anticipated sequel.

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