Staff File Photo/Joe Simon TC Caffey of Hubbard fights the Alliance in their 2020 Eagles game win.

HUBBARD – If week one’s performance is any indication, Hubbard’s TC Caffey is approaching a special season for seniors.

A pulled back spine from Orłów broke the record in Hubbard’s 48-28 win over Norway last Friday. During the victory, Caffey ran for a school record of 456 yards and scored five touchdowns, including a school record of 93 yards.

His total distance is 15 in history at Ohio High School Football, with Hubbard having 551 yards as a team of 25.

Kaffee was impressive, and was quick to praise the people around him.

“All my duty officers worked together and cooperated for the same purpose.” He said, noting that the Eagles had a plan to play ball effectively.

Hubbard coach Brian Hoffman added: “Of course we had the match plan in mind and we wanted to attack the Norwegian defense. Of course (Caffey) is a big part of it, and every week he’s a big part of it. It’s not a secret.

It has been no secret for some time, Hoffman said.

“A few years ago we knew we had something special” Note.

Cavey, who already possessed 2,477 yards in his career and ran for 1,179 yards last year, says he started the season with two main goals: getting the Eagles to smash and break a school record in a single season.

Held by star Hubbard LJ Scott, this banner is 2,819 yards long. Scott, who was then a four-star rookie, played for Michigan State.

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In terms of state appearances, the Eagles will play a few more non-conference games over the next two weeks, including Friday’s game against Cardinal Money.

Then the Northeast 8 Conference game begins. The Eagles league schedule begins with a great test at a school in Poland and ends with a great game against the South Ring to celebrate their 41:21 win over Springfield.

High expectations from Kavey, sure, but perhaps because the leader himself would have asked himself.

“He is definitely a leader by example.” Hoffman said about the traffic jam. “When he says something, everyone listens to him. His commitment — not only to the program, but also to himself and our team — is unparalleled.”

Hoffman says Kavey is not only a field leader, but also a school leader.

“He’s just such a great character. … He’s the real deal. The coach said. “He works on the field and in the classroom. I don’t think you will find a teammate or a teacher to say anything negative about them.

Hoffman added, “He is just a great kid, and he brought that to the football game. He has really become one of the iconic players in the area.”

Universities are starting to notice this. Caffey received an offer from Youngstown State during the off-season and announced over the weekend that he had received an offer from Charlotte.

Pat, who said he loves fitness for soccer, said he was looking for a school with a good sports medicine program and a soccer team “Teams like these (at Hubbard).”

Kavey said he wasn’t sure when to make a decision. Meanwhile, his coach said the programs should continue to be recorded.

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“It has many D1 shows, one of them is from YSU, which is great software. If he finished playing there, I think he would be fine with that.” Hoffman said. “I have to tell the others, I don’t know what you’re doing. You missed the boat, so get up.

The Eagles and Cardinal Money start Friday at 7:00 pm

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