Vaccination of students from the age of 12 – information materials


The Ministry of Education and Science, in cooperation with the Education Development Center, has prepared a set of information materials on the vaccination of students from the age of 12. The package includes films, lesson plans and additional educational materials. These groups will be useful in organizing an information week in schools – lessons with students, informational meetings with parents. All materials will also be published on the Integrated Educational Platform (ZPE)

Information Week – educational materials for schools

According to the planned schedule of vaccination of pupils in schools, the first week of September will be devoted to informational activities (the so-called information week). During this time, managers will organize informational meetings with parents regarding immunization of children from 12 years of age. There will also be lessons, not just educational, related to this topic.

The educational packages prepared by the Ministry of Education and Science in cooperation with the Education Development Center will help in organizing the information week in schools. These materials will be sent to all schools and institutions in Poland via the Education Information System.

The information package includes:

  • educational movies For older primary school students and for young people from secondary schools – films present in an engaging way the history of the invention of the vaccine, the essence of its operation, and its impact on infectious diseases that can be prevented by vaccination; Thanks to the films, students will also learn about the consequences of not vaccinating;
  • Lesson scenarios For use in lessons or classes with the teacher – the content focuses on social responsibility and specific activities that students can take to protect themselves from disease;
  • educational materials Prepared by specialists (professors of virology and epidemiology) – updated information on the role of vaccination in the prevention of epidemics; The material refers to the most common questions and doubts related to vaccination against COVID-19.
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Vaccinations – prevention of infectious diseases. educational materials
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Vaccinations – prevention of infectious diseases. Example of scenarios for educational activities
Vaccinations _- _ prevention of _ infections _ typical _ manuscripts _ from _ educational activities. pdf