A hot start to the new week at Hotel Paradise. Fitnesska Wiktoria Gąsior has learned the painful truth about one of her friends on the show.


Instagram / Hotel Paradise / Pictured: Wiktoria Gąsior

Its events take place in the fourth edition of “Hotel Paradise”, which is broadcast from Monday to Friday on TVN 7. Almost before each broadcast from Paradise (after which one person is eliminated) feelings come to a head. There is a lot going on, for example, around Wiktoria Gąsior, one of the most popular fitness clubs in Poland.

The athlete was not on the program from the start. She joined him after several episodes and was not fully received by the group. Many participants accuse the fitness club of dishonesty in their relations with their partner Miłosz, with whom they formed a couple at the Paradise Hotel.

One post that wasn’t very positive about Victoria Gossore is Claudia Cardel, known at the hotel as “Launo”. During the monologues over the following episodes, she does not hide that she would like to bid farewell to the woman of physique during one of the celestial tournaments.

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Meanwhile, in the same hotel, during conversations with Wiktoria Gąsior, “Launo” behaves differently. From the side, you can even get the impression that two best friends are talking to each other. However, Vytenska suspected something, and during the last oracle in Heaven, she asked directly: “Does Laono talk to me behind my back?”.

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The Paradise oracle is the moment when the program participants ask Klaudia El Dorsi one question and learn the truth about the other residents of the hotel. And only on Monday, Victoria Gessiore got a little shocked when the athlete Claudia Drissi confirmed that Launo was talking about her behind her back.

The whole thing was highly commented on by netizens, who wrote in an Instagram post: “I’ve finally figured out, maybe you’ll finally understand who you’re not talking to!” , “I feel sorry for this Victoria”, “If they had I freed all the scenes when I talked about it, the episode would be missing” – netizens commented.

It’s going to be really hot when one of the contestants says goodbye to the show in the hand from heaven. Victoria Jessior already knows she can’t trust Launo.

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