The British will welcome the New Year with a bittersweet taste of freedom. Their country will cease to be a member of the European Union. This also means that it will not be covered by the single European roaming rate. But for Orange customers, nothing will change … for the time being.

A side effect of the UK’s exit from the European Union is changing roaming rates that apply to Polish mobile operator customers in that country. Starting January 1 next year, UK residents will pay for calls, SMS, MMS and data consumption as if they were in another country outside of the community. However, Orange will give its customers a longer rest period.

Orange customers located in the United Kingdom or in the territory of the United Kingdom will be billed in the same manner as in the country – if they use unlimited offers, they will not be charged extra fees for them, and if they have bundles of minutes or SMS in the tariff plan, they will be charged after they are exhausted According to national averages. Internet use will be possible with the packages provided in the tariff plan – as in the case of roaming in the European Union.

The promotion is applicable to all Orange customers – individuals and customers using subscription plans, as well as users of prepaid offers, nju mobile and Orange Flex services.

However, free roaming in the UK on Orange has its limits.

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Unfortunately, the promotional offered by Orange is not permanent and will end on May 31, 2021. From that day on, the operator will charge a fee for calls according to the rates shown in their price lists. Rest of Europe. However, there is some hope: the operator made a statement in his press release We will keep you informed of additional offers. Therefore, more amenities can appear.

The operator himself reported the new prices in the spider web. Rates are 4.94 PLN per minute for calling a Polish number from England to Poland. Responding to a phone call costs 2.02 PLN per minute, and messages 1.51 PLN for SMS and 3.03 PLN for MMS, respectively. The data transfer, in turn, was rated with PLN 1.51 for 50 kb and PLN 31.76 for MB. So the said upgrade is greatly appreciated.