During the pandemic, more people were restarting their studies. Interest in paid science is not waning. Covid will not hit private universities.

The Ministry of Education and Science encourages universities to adopt hybrid education.

We understand that students come from all over Poland. The vast majority of them have resigned from their residences or dormitories. There will be no obligation to offer steady lessons this year. However, we recommend that the summer session be held in a stable environment, and that students come to universities, Minister Brzezmjsau Kzarnik said at the press conference.

Resume, do not give up

However, it turns out that many students prefer online learning. Do not drop out of school, even if their financial situation deteriorates.

We do not observe any frequent dropouts from the studies. We will not get rid of the differences compared to previous years. Instead, we are seeing more resumption of studies. We also constantly enjoy a lot of interest in new candidates for studies, says Paulina Kwalsh of the SWPS University Press Center.

Maciej Kolaski, Vice Chair of the TEB Akademia Higher Schools Development Center, confirms that our offer, enriched with disciplines that respond to the situation brought about by Covid-19, will attract more candidates than in previous years.

Students whose finances have worsened as a result of the pandemic can count on support.

The Covid virus will not exacerbate the financial situation of universities, even though they are not private companies and are therefore not included in the anti-crisis shield. They got online quickly.

We implemented distance learning efficiently, almost immediately after the shutdown was announced. When many public universities give lectures via Messenger or YouTube, we provided students with modern and advanced e-learning tools, said Katharzina Romanik of Humanitas University.

Here, however, universities can count on support from the state budget.

In fact, we did not receive the Anti-Crisis Shield, but we did receive financial support from the Ministry of Education and Science, like other private universities, for a faster transformation of digital instruction, said Ewa Barlick, a press release for the Ministry of Education. Leon Kumyski Academy.

Virtual University

Some colleges were ready to study online right away. Even before the pandemic, the law permitted distance education. It would have been possible if the peculiarity of education in a particular direction allowed it.

However, the number of ECTS points that can be obtained in this formula cannot exceed 50%. The number of ECTS points needed to complete studies at a particular level. In the case of studies that began before the 2019/2020 academic year, the number of teaching hours in full-time and part-time studies conducted remotely may not exceed 60%. The total number of teaching hours specified in the study programs.

Distance learning has been praised by many students, but as an addition, not a basis for education. Depending on your field of study, you can consider changing pre-pandemic laws and expanding online education opportunities. First, however, it is necessary to return to normality and make an assessment of the existing education in this formula, said Matthews Groschowski, President of the Student Parliament of the Republic of Poland. He adds, however, that contact with the academic community is an indispensable component of the study.

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