In the district of Grzybowska, Chłodna, Krochmalna and Wronia boulevards in the Wola district of Warsaw, a complex of residential and office buildings is being built, centered around the spacious city squares. The investor is one of the largest Polish developers – Echo Investment SA We invite you to see new photos from the construction site and a movie showing the construction of the entire complex and its individual stages from July 2017 to today.

Apartment and office complex “Browary Warszawskie” in Warsaw three Office buildings, Bread Residential buildings, more 8 thousand square meters A space dedicated to services, restaurants, shops, and well-organized public areas Civilizational Cozy squares and streets and a relaxing space filled with greenery.

A new urban neighborhood, open to all, is being constructed, consisting of residential buildings, office buildings, public squares, places for rest and recreation, cafes, restaurants and shops. It is a place with a beautiful history, but above all a modern, functional and comprehensive urban and functional concept – Informs the investor.

As representatives of Echo Investment SA emphasize, the key to Browary Warszawskie is that spaces are generally accessible, such as the square adjacent to the historic building of Warzelnia, Brama Browarów from Grzybowska Street or the so-called breakfast area between apartment buildings in the northern part of Piece.

The life of the complex will focus on squares – restaurants, cafes, shops and service points will be built around them. There will be a lot of natural greenery and small architecture. Residents, pedestrians, tourists and employees of companies that will have their offices here will have a total of 15,700 square meters at their disposal. An open area allows free walking through the Browary Warszawskie around the clock. As part of the investment, new streets will also be built, including a completely new section of Krochmalna Street – Inform the investor representatives.

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