On Sunday, January 16, 2022, residents across the country received alerts from the RCB (State Security Center) of strong winds. The message reads “Potential connection difficulties and power outages”. Warning details below.

RCB Alarm Sent on Sunday (16/01/2022) to residents of all governorates! First, the SMS was sent in 10 provinces, but later the alert was extended to the whole of Poland.

This is a warning against strong wind, Which can happen on the night of Sunday to Monday and Monday (01/17/2022). The text of the message is as follows:

“Attention! Strong winds evening, night and tomorrow (16 / 17.01). Possible communication difficulties and power outages. Securing self-contained objects.”

According to the information provided by RCB, Wind gusts can reach 110 km/h.

Strong wind warning. what should I do?

The Government Center for Security advises:

  • Remove all items that may be blown by the wind from window sills and patios,
  • Park cars in a safe place, if previously parked under trees,
  • close windows and doors,
  • Don’t stop under the trees
  • Ensure the safety of your animals, especially those who are staying outside,
  • Providing alternative lighting – headlights with spare batteries. Wind can destroy power lines,
  • Be careful while driving the car, firstly, because of the limbs and trees that may break, and secondly – when leaving a protected road in an open space, there is a risk of blowing the car.
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Are you afraid of strong winds?