The Kuwaiti Ministry of Information stated that, as of May 22, unvaccinated citizens in the country will not be able to travel abroad. However, this does not apply to age groups that cannot yet be vaccinated.

The statement also stated that Kuwait’s borders will remain closed to everyone except the citizens of the country. Already 10 days ago, all flights from India were suspended due to the spread of the new type of coronavirus.

Compared to other Gulf countries, the vaccination campaign is relatively slow. According to Our World in Data, about 20 percent of them have been vaccinated so far. Its population, while, for example, in Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates – almost half. As reported by Euronews, migrants face problems getting vaccinated, who make up up to 70 percent of the population. With more than 4 million inhabitants of the country.

The state is facing the second wave of the epidemic since the beginning of the year, and since March the number of new infections there has remained at the level of 1.3-1.5 thousand. Daily.

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