Bloober Team continues to promote Medium and in the latest material the developers introduce the capabilities of the main character. Mariana is an extraordinary character, and thanks to the presented story, players will be able to use all its advantages.

The makers of The Medium have been waiting for a long time with a definite medium promotional campaign, but in recent days we have consistently received great content (Eye-catching trailer, Smooth graphicsWhich prepares us for a great premiere – The title will appear next week on Xbox Series X | S and personal computers.

Today, the developers decided to talk about the capabilities of the main character, who will use her superpowers, among other things, to find hidden clips or connect spirits to learn their stories. The material shows the two worlds system in a very precise way, which is one of the most important elements of the medium – it is this mechanism that promotes the production from the first advertisement. In general, it must be admitted that the idea of ​​a home studio looks really interesting and the suggestion may be quite interesting.

The moderator will be available from the first show in the Xbox Game Pass catalog (Xbox / PC), which will definitely make many players aware of the story prepared by Team Bloober.