Polish tennis players competed for another week in the ITF World Tennis Tour. This time our representatives showed a very good side in doubles.

Rafai Smolensky

Jan Wagek

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Piao Zeroni won three titles last week in professional courts. On Saturday, Katarzyna Kawa and Słowaczka Tereza Mihalikova won the ITF Championship with a prize pool of 60,000. dollars at American Rancho Santa Fe (more here). Krinchanka was also joined by her compatriots – Daniel Michalsky and Jan Wojic.

Michalski certainly hoped for a great result, but in the singles. In Antalya, Turkey, it ranked first. However, he did finish in the quarter-finals, losing after a three-set fight with Russian Sawa Buukhin. In the doubles, Gergely Madarasz from Warsaw and Hungary was second to none, and in the title match they defeated the Romanian duo Mircea-Alexandru Jecan and Dan Alexandru Tomescu 6:4, 6:3.

Sunday was also a lucky day for Yann Wójcik, who started in Sozopol, Bulgaria. The Polish and his Syrian partner Hazem Nau beat the Russian Jan Bondarevsky and the Romanian Nicholas David Ionel 6:4, 5:7, 10-6. In singles, Wójcik went through the qualifying rounds and won one match in the main arc. Marcel Politovich and David Takaza did not do well in qualifying.

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In Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, this week without success. Michel Mikocha advanced to the 1/8 finals, and Alan Pojjarski was eliminated in the first round. Shimon Keelan and Victor Bloom competed in the qualifying rounds without success. Bowie Chiach played for Portugal’s Lolli, not beating Cypriot Petros Chrysochos in the first round. Peter Kocevic went to Doha, Qatar. However, he failed to qualify for the main event.

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Maja Chwalińska played in Portuguese Lagos, but only played the doubles match. Health problems started again and the girl from Debroua stopped singing. Her compatriot, Veronica Valkoska, failed in the first round with Latvian Diana Marcinkevica. On the other hand, in Norman America, the struggle of Stefania Rogoziska Dzek and Marcelina Podlinska, who had previously done well in qualifying, soon ended.

From Monday to Sunday, October 11-17
ITF Championship results and program:


Lagos (Portugal) 25,000 dollars, hard court

First round of singles:

Diana Marcinkevica (Latvia) beat Wironica Valkoska (Poland, Q) 7-6 (6) 6-2

First round of doubles:

Diana Marcinkevika (Latvia, 4) / Yu Yuan (China, 4) – Maya Chualinska (Poland) / Wironica Valkoska (Poland) 6:4, 6:7 (5), 11-9

Norman (US) 15,000 dollars, hard court

First round of singles:

Victoria Mpoko (Canada, Q) beat Stefania Rogoziska-Dzek (Poland, 6) 6-4 6-4
Alexandra Pissario (Ukraine, x) – Marcelina Podlinska (Poland, x) 4: 6, 6: 4, 6: 1

First round of doubles:

Makina Schiffbauer (USA) / Kelly Welford (Dominican Republic) v Stefania Rogoszka Dzek (Poland, 4) / Vivian Sandberg (Germany, 4) 6-1, 6-4

Daria Ditkoska (Kazakhstan, 2) / Rashida Makado (USA, 2) – Marcelina Podlinska (Poland, WC) / Alexandra Besariwa (Ukraine, WC) 6:3, 3:6, 10-3


Luli (Portugal) 25,000 dollars, hard court

First round of singles:

Petros Chrysochos (Cyprus, 4) – Bawik Siach (Poland) 7:5, 6:3

Sozopol (Bulgaria) 15,000 dollars, hard court

Second round of singles:

Nicholas David Yunel (Romania, 1) B. Jan Wojczyk (Poland, Q) 6-1, 6-3

First round of singles:

Yann Wójcik (Poland, Q) – Dian Nedew (Bulgaria, World Cup) 7-6 (5), 6-3

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My husband is final:

Jan Wojic (Poland) / Hazem Nau (Syria) – Jan Bondarevsky (Russia, 1) / Nicholas David Ionel (Romania, 1) 6:4, 5:7, 10-6

Double the semi-finals:

Jan Wojic (Poland) / Hazem Nau (Syria) – Berk Ilkil (Turkey) / Mert Ozdemir (Turkey) 6:3, 6:2

My husband quarter-finals:

Jan Wojk (Poland) / Hazem Nau (Syria) – James McKinlay (UK) / Ewan Moore (UK) 6:4, 6:4

First round of doubles:

Jan & Jake Tour (Poland) / Hazem Nau (Syria) – Alexander Donsky (Bulgaria) / Billy Harris (UK)

Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt) 15,000 dollars, hard court

Second round of singles:

Marek Gengel (Czech Republic, 1) – Michal Mikucha (Poland, World Cup) 6:4, 6:3

First round of singles:

Michal Mikucha (Poland, World Cup) vs Andrea Guerrieri (Italy) 7-6 (5), 7-6 (4).
Nathan Setion (France 7) B Alain Pojrski (Poland Q) 6-3 6-1

First round of doubles:

Shin Hsun Lu (Taiwan) / Pang Shu-yin (Taiwan) – Simon Kelan (Poland) / Michal Mikucha (Poland) 6:1, 6:7 (2), 10-8

Antalya (Turkey) $15,000, clay courts

Singles Quarterfinals:

Sawa Buchen (Russia) beat Daniel Michalski (Poland, 1) 7-5, 4-6, 6-4.

Second round of singles:

Daniel Michalski (Poland, 1) – Lukas Helm Lillingen (Norway, Q) 6:2, 2:0 and retired

First round of singles:

Daniel Michalski (Poland, 1) – Santiago de la Fuente (Argentina) 6-1, 6-1

My husband is final:

Daniel Michalski (Poland, 3) / Giergeli Madaras (Hungary, 3) – Mircea Alexandru Gikan (Romania, 1) / Dan Alexandru Tomescu (Romania, 1) 6-4, 6-3

Double the semi-finals:

Daniel Michalski (Poland, 3) / Gergeli Madaras (Hungary, 3) – John Spurl (Germany) / Marlon Vankan (Germany) 7-5, 2:6, 10-3

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My husband quarter-finals:

Daniel Michalski (Poland, 3) / Gergeli Madaras (Hungary, 3) – David Galobini (Italy) / Francesco Maestrelli (Italy) 6-4, 6-1

First round of doubles:

Daniel Michalski (Poland, 3) / Giergeli Madaras (Hungary, 3) – Antonin Pollard (Czech Republic) / Mark Havlicek (Czech Republic) 6:4, 6:2

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