The Spanish Ministry of Health said in a statement on Monday that although the order to wear masks outdoors is no longer in effect, this ruling applies only to the case where there is a distance of 1.5 meters between people.

The specialist websites Redaccion Medica and Infosalus reported that, according to medical experts, the emergence of the fifth wave of the epidemic is favored due to the decrease in the number of people wearing masks in public places.

They noted that the least common masks are nowadays made by young Spaniards, among whom the infection is developing very quickly. This age group often participates in meetings without maintaining social distance.

Commentators, recalling Sunday’s statements by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who spoke in absolutes about the vaccination against COVID-19 in Spain, point out that this process has not yet included young citizens, that is, people most often infected with the Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Portal 20 Minutos notes that Catalonia is one of the regions worst affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Spain, and that the number of cases is increasing in this northeastern part of the country in an alarming way.

“Catalonia is currently experiencing the fifth wave of coronavirus infections (…), the number of which has increased sevenfold in the last 15 days” – indicated the Spanish portal.

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