MGM has postponed the premiere of the new Bond movie, and Sony is following in the footsteps by making changes to its calendar. Uncharted, Morbius and Ghostbusters: Afterlife are getting new release dates, some of them too far away.

Sony postpones the premiere of more films

Just like last year, and now similar decisions come in an avalanche. One studio is postponing the premieres of its biggest productions, others follow in its footsteps. MGM today announced that the premiere of “It’s Time to Die” has been postponed for months, and Sony Pictures is now following in the footsteps.

Delay is important first and foremost MorbiusWhich was supposed to arrive in cinemas on October 8 this year. Sony has decided that the production will only make its debut January 21, 2022.

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Also on Anonymous With Tommy Holdem We’ll wait after you. Instead of July 16, 2021, we’ll see it February 11, 2022.

Changes also apply Ghostbusters: the afterlifeThat will be going to theaters instead of June November 11. The musical’s premiere has also been postponed Cinderella From February to July 16 And movie Peter Rabbit 2: The Fugitive From April to June 11.

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