The Crown is one of the most popular Netflix series, which examines the fate of the British monarchy during the reign of Elizabeth II. We just got our first official photo of Imelda Staunton as a British sheikh in Season 5. What else do we know about the new episodes?

The Crown is one of the most popular series on the Netflix streaming platform. The production, named after Peter Morgan, creator of the films “The Queen” or “The Last King of Scotland”, has been running since 2016 and is only gaining popularity with each season.

The series format allows you to replace the entire cast every two series. Thanks to this, Claire Foy and Olivia Colman have already played Elizabeth II. Now it’s time for Imelda Staunton. Staunton is best known for her role as Dolores Umbridge in the Harry Potter series of films. The British actress will now play an older version of Elizabeth II, the main character in the blockbuster Netflix movie.

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Imelda Staunton as Elizabeth II – first official photo from Season 5 of “The Crown”

Netflix just published the first photo of the actress in makeup for a popular role. Staunton looks like this:

Imelda Staunton - Elizabeth II - The Crown Season 5

“The Crown”: Season 5 – Siege and Crew

Author and lead writer Peter Morgan is still supervising the series. In the new episodes, in keeping with the series’ current tradition, we’ll see new actors playing the roles of famous members of the British royal family. In season five, in addition to Johnny Lee Miller, we will also see such actors as: Imelda Staunton (Queen Elizabeth), Leslie Manville (Princess Margaret), Dominic West (Prince Charles), Elizabeth Debicki (Princess Diana) and Jonathan Pryce. Prince Philip.

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The Crown: Season 5 – When is the premiere?

The exact date of the fifth season of “The Crown” on Netflix is ​​not known yet.

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