International racing in the 250cc class at Speedway Ekstraliga Camp is behind us. Mikel Andersen won the main final on Thursday in Toruń.

Konrad Senkowski

Mikel Andersen

WP SportoweFakty / Tomasz Rosochacki / Pictured: Mikel Andersen

Thursday’s competition in the 250cc class began with a consolation contest for the contestants who were under the mark to qualify for promotion to the finals.

Originally, this tournament was for ten players, but an incomplete qualifying team meant that seven motocross riders would be on the starting roster. However, it was not possible to collect such a number, because after falling out in Wednesday’s championship, Dawid Grzeszczyk was seriously injured (more on this here), and the doctors did not agree to start Alfons Wiltander (we write about the reasons here).

German Mika-Fynn Janssen also withdrew from the Consolation Championship, so the organizers changed the competition format to a four-way tournament, where each of the other participants went to the track in each color of the helmet. And in each of the four races we had the same standings at the finish line.

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The best in the main competition was Mikel Andersen, who also triumphed in Wednesday’s qualifiers. In the most important round of the day, the Dane covered the first corner of Szymon Ludwiczak at the entrance and sped to the finish line to win, Poland and representative Włókniarz Częstochowa still had to fend off Wojciech Sachle’s attacks.

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Condolence Championship
punctuation marks
1. Lester Matthijssen (Netherlands, German license) – 12 (3,3,3,3)
2. Dante Johansson (Sweden) – 8 (2,2,2,2)
3. Nikolai Esslinger (Germany) – 4 (1,1,1,1)
4. Carlos Sabas (Estonia) – 0 (W, NS, 0.0)

Running after running:

1. Mattijsen, Johansson, Islinger, Sapas (f/u)
2. Matessen, Johansson, Esslinger, Sabas (NS)
3. Mattijsen, Johansson, Islinger, Sabas
4. Mattijsen, Johansson, Islinger, Sabas

main tournament

Exclusion stage:
Group A
1. Vojtech Sachl (Czech Republic) – 6 (3.3)
2. Damir Filimonov (Latvia) – 4 (2.2)
3. Fredo Viedas (Estonia) – 2 (1,1)
4. Kasper Semmermann (Germany) – 0 (0.0)

group b
1. Mikkel Andersen (Denmark) – 6 (3.3)
2. Anton Jansson (Sweden) – 4 (2.2)
3. Zoltan Lovas (Hungary) – 2 (1,1)
4. Tim Wedera (Germany) – 0 (0.0)

group c.
1. Adam Bednar (Czech Republic) – 6 (3.3)
2. Otto Rak (Finland) – 4 (2.2)
3. William Kearns (Great Britain) – 2 (1,1)
4. Albin Siegvardsson (Sweden) – 0 (0.0)

group d
1. Shimon Ludwichak (Poland) – 6 (3.3)
2. Sebastian Mailand (Denmark) – 3 (2,1)
3. Patrick Heijk (Germany) – 3 (1,2)
4. Alexander Bengson – 0 (0.0)

Running after running:
1. (a) Sachel, Philemono, Viedas, Simmerman
2. (b) Andersen, Jansson, Lovas, and Wedera
3. (c) Bednar, Rack, Kearns, Siegvardsson
4. (D) Ludwijk, Mayland, Hijek, Bengtsson
5. (a) Sachel, Philemono, Viedas, Simmerman
6. (b) Andersen, Jansson, Lovas, and Wedera
7. (c) Bednar, Rack, Kearns, Siegvardsson
8. (D) Ludwijk, Heijk, Mayland, Bengtsun

Semi-final rounds:
9. Anise, Sachel, Mayland, Bednar
10. Ludvichak, Andersen, Rack, Filimonov

11. Andersen, Ludwiczak, Sachl, Jansson

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