This year’s Summer Games enthusiast’s calendar is definitely Stray’s. A rather inconspicuous game about a cat has stolen the hearts of many players and is very popular thanks to the first PS Plus Extra subscription. If you’ve finished this production and want more independent titles, check out the list below.

lost in random

The menu will open with Lost in Random, where we control Even. During the game, we meet our unusual friend, with whom we face logical puzzles or enemies. Depending on the situation, we use ranged or melee weapons, and all this is framed by eye-catching graphics.


The jacket was developed by one person, Andrew Schuldes. The production, which derives a little from the Nintendo-owned brand The Legend of Zelda, is currently only available on PC and Xbox, but at the end of September this year, it will also arrive on PlayStation systems. This time we play as a fox who is exploring the fantasy world in search of answers to the questions that trouble him. The main role here is played by activities that test our cunning and ingenuity. The battle also plays an important role.


As in the case of the above products, the most important thing in Inside is to solve all kinds of puzzles. We control a mysterious hero who must travel through a dark filthy world. It’s full of items that we can interact with – even going through levels requires it. Not a bad word can be said for the Climate Building soundtrack.

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ghost tale

Ghost of a Tale differs from the above suggestions in that it is not a pure platformer, but rather an RPG with an open world. The main character is a mouse named Tilo. With its help, we solve various optional tasks, explore vast areas, and meet senseless mice in combat. Stealth and hide are very detailed here, because we have to use different items that will help us confuse our opponents and pass them unnoticed.

I’m not alone

He never alone tells a heart-wrenching story we learn from the perspective of a young girl. During her adventure, we build a relationship with the white fox, who informs Wesley and helps stop the emergence of an element that can even destroy the people to whom the protagonist belongs. In terms of gameplay, puzzles in our way play the main role here. In order to push the plot forward, we have to solve it.


Behind Limbo are the same creators as the two paragraphs above, on the inside. Thus, you can see many similarities between these platforms. In Limbo, we also control an unknown boy who finds himself in a dark world. He has to face many opposites – like a spider stalking him – that stand in the way of saving his sister. How this emotional story ends depends solely on our intelligence.

a trip

The Journey is an incredibly original fantasy adventure game, the mechanics of which and all its functions have been reduced to a minimum. The goal of the player is to explore semi-open levels and create vast locations on his own. It is up to us where and in what order we go. Such an assumption is to give the viewer complete control over the playable character and the gradual assimilation of the presented world. In addition, of course, there is an intriguing soundtrack that builds the atmosphere and is unusual, although it is characterized by the genre of games, the graphic design.

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Outer Prairie

The main feature of Outer Wilds is endless exploration. In this case the developers used the time loop which we have to stop. Or at least try to do it, because during the game, the question arises in our mind if this is possible at all. Given the above assumption, the sites we visit (the action is set in the solar system, so there are plenty of areas to explore) are often repetitive, but each of the cycles teaches us something new.

night in the woods

Night in the Woods is definitely a breath of fresh air, because today’s list of the best indie games is dominated by 3D platforms. Here we are dealing with a 2D adventure game in which we explore a small mining town and play the role of a cat named Mai. We renew old connections and face danger in the woods.

What’s Left of Edith Finch

The list will be closed by What Remains of Edith Finch, where we play the title character and return to the family estate, then test out some short stories that let us learn about details about our loved ones. Each of them ends tragically, and the whole story is reflective, full of twists and turns. You can even say that this is a magical production that we will understand if we focus carefully on the plot.