He could have stayed in Orly Lodz, but he had no guarantees to start. He had a proposal from PGE Ekstraliga, but decided on the lowest level in the league. why? He reveals behind the scenes in an interview with WP SportoweFakty.

Konrad Senkowski

Tom Brennan

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A very good season behind Tom Brennan. The British, despite making a lot of progress, did not find recognition in the eyes of Adam Skornicki and in the colors of Orzel Łódź they did not even participate in a single eWinner race of the first league.

The Speedway Nations gold medalist, despite an important contract with Łódź Orzeł, quickly found himself in the target of other clubs.

It has appeared, among other things, in the course of promoting Apator Toruń, and as he says in an interview with WP SportoweFakty, there have been many other shows. In the end, he ended up in the second Speedway League.

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Konrad Cinkowski, WP SportoweFakty: You had an important contract at Orła Łódź, but next season you will be in the second league. It seems that given the difficulty of winning a spot on the Eagle team, borrowing is your best option at the moment.

Tom Brennan, competitor to Metalika Recycling Kolejarza Rawicz: I agree. This year, it was important for me to be loaned to a team interested in competing in the league every week. Last year I signed a two-year contract at وودód to be part of the team, learn, train and compete as often as possible. It didn’t work out, so I’m very happy that the club agreed to loan me to Rawich.

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Will you reveal how many clubs were interested in signing you? Apator Toruń was certain…

Several clubs called me – from the second league, but also from the first. PGE Ekstraliga clubs have also spoken out regarding the U24 Ekstraliga matches. We had to think about the best option for me and the club.

Wasn’t the prospect of racing in the U24 Ekstraliga and fighting for a spot in the PGE Ekstraliga alluring?

She definitely looked very alluring at first and was something we thought about and talked about. However, after considering all the options we had and the fact that I had already signed two contracts in my home country, we decided to get a second league that could give me more riding.

And was there any issue of staying and driving in Orly?

Unfortunately, the prospects for this year were not what we expected. We could have stayed eighth, but we decided I had to go and do it in Poland every week. The eagle didn’t want to give up on me, hence the idea for the loan.

She says you have many offers. So why did you choose the club from Rawicz?

There was a chance to sign a contract with another club, yes, but I know the players I’m going to team up with, so I thought they were one team now and we could have a great chance of winning the league.

I anticipated my next question, because I wanted to ask you how you see the Collegars’ chances on the second-tier front.

I think we have a really strong team with a great chance of winning first place. We have such a goal and I see no reason why we should not fight for that goal.

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Individually, what results will satisfy you in Poland?

Since I’m still young, I have high expectations of myself. However, I’ve never ridden any of these tracks before, so I have to learn step by step. I don’t want to stress myself out, but I think if I was ready to race weekly it would be fine.

A very good season behind Tom Brennan.  No wonder there was a line of people willing to get itA very good season behind Tom Brennan. No wonder there was a line of people willing to get it

She signed two contracts in the UK – Belle Vue Aces (SGB Premier) and Glasgow Tigers (Championship). Are you planning anything else?

There was a chance to compete in Sweden and Denmark, but due to league restrictions, I decided to start only in Great Britain and do it step by step in Europe.

You asked about the results in Poland and, in general, do you set any goals?

Usually I don’t set myself specific points to apply. From beginning to end of the season I want to improve my results, anything else I achieve will be a great reward,

But maybe you would like to win more medals in the national ‘arena’ and be promoted to IMŚJ?

Yes, I hope I can advance to the World Junior Championships. The more it got in the last year, none of the Britons were able to enter Germany to fight for promotion. But the truth is, IMŚJ is an event that I want to appear in, because this is my last season in the rookie group.

And the fact that this latest season is sitting somewhere in the back of your head? Such thoughts arise, and then what?

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Yes and no. This is my last year in the youth group, but on the other hand, two more years in driving at U23. I certainly intend to develop, for example in Poland, to find and develop a club regularly, as well as to improve my results in Great Britain, so that one day I will fight for the championship among the big ones.

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