Olzovka. The topic of building a new school in Olszówka in Mszana Dolna municipality is to return in the next courses. Parents do not wish to transfer them to neighboring facilities for the duration of the investment which may be up to four years; However, they suggest adapting the local gym and fire station for teaching purposes.

The subject was met with great controversy in the local community, which, on the one hand, is dependent on a new school, but at the same time fears that the facility will be closed de facto under the guise of investment. Mayor Bolislavapa denied these concerns, calling it “fake news” and recalling that the municipality had secured funding from the Polish government to build a new school.

Parents oppose the organization of planned education during the demolition and construction of the existing school building. According to the boxes provided by the local government, students will be divided for the duration of the investment, that is, three or four years, and they will be transferred to three schools in the district – in the villages of Rapa Nina, Mszana Gorna and Kasenka Maya.

The current school building in Olszówka was erected in 1924, so it is almost 100 years old. It has wooden ceilings and walls, and there is no basement. The municipality has expert opinions indicating that renovation is unprofitable. The idea of ​​building a new school relates to the same location as the existing building – one of the arguments raised by the local government authorities is the fact that there is a gymnasium in the immediate vicinity, which was built 10 years ago.

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Precisely because of the proximity of the gymnasium, the parents suggested to the municipality the solution used in the town of Bodhaly in Chich, where, during the construction of the new school, the gymnasium was adapted for educational purposes so that the children could learn in their town. An additional site is also the local TSO’s fire station.

It is possible for children to study in the gym and at the fire station – The mayor said at the December session of the Mszana Doulna Municipal Council. – Provided we get the approvals and the designers will do the job. I am also in favor of it, and I do not say that such a solution is impossible, but it is the specialists who have to comment on this – Polisov aba said.