Google Maps is actually pretty good, but according to Counterpoint Research experts, it’s not the best tool in its class.

Google Maps aka Google Maps, with over 10 billion downloads on Android alone, is widely known as the best navigation app in the world, but that’s supposed to be a bug. A team of specialists from Counterpoint Research has prepared a detailed summary of the mobile navigation assessment 27 of the most popular products of this type in seven main categories. Surprisingly, Google’s service only landed in second place.

Winner announced hereMaps, formerly owned by Nokia, is currently being developed by the German Automobile Federation, which includes, among others, Audi, Daimler and the BMW Group. According to analysts, this success results not only from cooperation with a large number of partners around the world, but also from a more friendly ecosystem for developers than competition.

Here WeGo vs Google Maps: 516 do 451

The seven categories of competition are: map quality, navigation accuracy, location services, platform, developer ecosystem, partners and customers. There was one to get them all A certain number of points. group 660 Network.

Google Maps is falling from the throne.  It turns out there is a better option

No one could come close to perfection, but, as already noted, HERE WeGo performed best in the tests, accumulating 516 points possible out of 660. Second in the ranking, Google Maps scored exactly 451 points, and the Dutch TomTom podium closed with 387 points.

Interestingly, neither Apple nor Microsoft reached the top ten. Apple Maps fell to 15th place, while Bing took first, 16th place. Tencent and Yandex. Well, at least, according to the authors of the Counterpoint Research study, let’s stress.

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Text source: Counterpoint, ed. King