Britain’s Channel 4 announced that the Winter Paralympics in Beijing will be broadcast only on air by broadcasters with special needs. The station has already officially introduced a team of seven people who will be in the expert group.

The Beijing Paralympic Games will begin on March 4, 2022, less than two weeks after the Olympic Games ended. Britain’s Channel 4 TV has already announced the lineup of experts who will be covering the events From the Paralympics All seven people we will see on the screen are people with disabilities. Thus, Channel 4 will become the first television station whose team consists of broadcasters and broadcasters covering the sporting event from OzN only.

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The team of seven broadcasters and presenters will include people with sporting pasts and rich media experience. Ade Adepitan, former wheelchair basketball player and veteran TV personality, will host Ade Adepitan, a daily briefing on the most important Paralympics. The morning program will be hosted by former rugby player Ed Jackson (in 2017 he injured his spine after diving in water) and parachute athlete Lauren Steadman. Journalists and reporters will be retired Olympic swimmer Eli Robinson and 22-year-old driver Billy Munger, who lost both legs in a car crash. Retired skier Sean Rose and Paralympic cyclist Arthur Williams will complete the squad.

Channel 4 is expected to provide a total of 80 hours of TV broadcast and YouTube channel coverage during the Paralympics.

Britain’s Social Security Minister Therese Coffey said: “This is a milestone for the UK and shows that there has been good progress in the representation of people with disabilities in broadcasting.”

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