The Grand Prix cycle selects the singles World Speedway Champion since 1995. In the 27 editions so far, the title has been won by 13 speedway riders from 7 countries. This is the statistical chart of global competition.

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Twitter / / photo: / Tony Rickardson in 2001

Tony Rickardson has won the most expensive singles trophy in motorcycle racing on the Grand Prix cycle most of the time. The Swede did it five times, but was a six-time world champion. He won his first title in the last day final in 1994 in Venice.

American Greg Hancock has been named the best in the world 4 times. 3 titles were recorded on their account: Australian Jason Crump, Britain’s Ty Wenden and Denmark’s Nikki Pedersen.

Bartosz Zmirzlik has twice won the GP general classification. After the first IMŚ gold medal of the Grand Prix era are: Thomas Gollop, American Billy Hamill, Denmark’s Hans Nielsen, Britain’s Mark Loram, Australia’s Chris Holder and Jason Doyle and current singles world champion, Russian Artyom Agota.

Watch the video Woźniak is a mechanic from Zmarzlik. “It’s always a valuable experience”

During all seasons, 255 GP rounds were played. The first match was held on May 20, 1995 at the Olympic Stadium in Wroclaw. The first historic winner was Thomas Gollop, who defeated Hans Nielsen, Britain’s Chris Lewis and Mark Loram in the final. The current column of Betard Sparta Wrocław’s coaching team, Greg Hancock, has been performing “Wild Card” in those competitions.

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In the final classification after the last championship in 1995, Hans Nielsen, who was the first to win the most valuable individual MotoGP Cup on the Grand Prix cycle, took first place. None of the regular participants at that time was an active highway passenger. However, few of them are still active in the slag environment. Greg Hancock is the aforementioned Dariush Sliders assistant on the current Polish Champions squad. Tomasz Gollob has been a highway expert on Canal+ since the 2022 season. Jason Crump returned to the track in January 2020. He played in two friendlies between Australia and Great Britain at Pingar Park, on the outskirts of Perth. He scored 9 and 10 points, respectively.

Over time, it turns out that these beginnings allowed him to make the exciting decision to return to the professional highway in 2020. However, the Australian’s comeback has been called into question due to the COVID-19 pandemic accompanying the world.

The last round of the 2022 season was held simultaneously at the Croatian Gorkan Stadium. Bartosz Smarzlik turned out to be the best, ahead of Maciej Janowski and the Danes Mikkel Michaelsen and Anders Thomsen in the final race.

The 2022 ORLEN Warsaw FIM SGP will be held in Poland on May 14. The World’s Best Highway Racer selection cycle returns to PGE Narodowy after a two-year hiatus. This will be round 246 of the Grand Prix era. Right to participate in the tournament Maksym Drapik will perform “Wild Card” during the 2022 ORLEN Warsaw FIM SGP of Poland at PGE Narodowy.

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The motorway passenger of Lublin Motor on May 14 will have the opportunity to start again in PGE Narodowy, because in 2018 he was already a reserve in this competition. The backup during 2022 ORLEN Warsaw FIM SGP of Poland will be the Junior World Singles Champion, Jakub Miśkowiak and Ukraine’s Witalij Lysak.

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