According to Forbes, Alekperow owns about 30 percent. Shares in Spartak Moscow. The club recently celebrated its centenary, which Vladimir Putin, responsible for the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine, has not forgotten. Alekperov’s decision to leave Lukoil includes the position of CEO and member of the company’s board of directors.

The Russian businessman was one of the founders of the entity that turned into the Lukoil Oil Company in 1993. Currently, it is said to have 3.12 percent. and 5.43 percent. It is owned by Trusts.

Alekperov invested in Spartak Moscow in the 1990s with another Russian businessman, Leonid Fedun. Both Russians had to donate about 60 million euros annually to the club’s activities.

In 2018, the media reported that Alekperov controls employment decisions in Spartak. In particular, the future of the then head coach, Massimo Carrera, depended on him. What’s more, his son sits on the club’s board of directors.

Bloomberg reported that Alekperov’s decision to resign from the head of Lukoil concerned concerns the sanctions imposed on his activities by Australia and Great Britain. This happened in early April.


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