Many single-family homes have a backyard terrace. It is a place that becomes an oasis of rest and relaxation at home. However, we can’t always predict the weather, especially when planning a barbecue with friends on the balcony or a family dinner. The necessity of cleaning everything in the house quickly, in the rain, or a sudden change of plans certainly will not encourage anyone to spend time on the balcony. It is a good idea to roof the space. You can use a canopy, pergola, or porch canopy.

The terrace, just like the balcony, is an extension of the house, it is worth using this space in a practical way. During spring and summer, it is worth placing garden furniture on the balcony: a table with chairs, a leisure group or a swing. The roof over the roof will allow you to spend time on the terrace regardless of weather conditions – neither the intense sun nor the summer rain will be frightening.

Until a long time ago, roofs were mainly used in summer gardens in restaurants and in front of shop entrances. Currently, terrace awnings are becoming more and more popular, which form a modern roof for the terrace in single-family homes and on balconies in a block of apartments. It will protect the roof from sunlight and unfavorable weather conditions. Choosing the appearance of the blind canopy for the body of the building, facade, land or garden, we will create a coherent spatial arrangement and additional decoration.

Terrace awnings are an alternative to gazebos or awnings. Its durability, of course, depends on the materials used in production and external conditions. What are the umbrellas made of? Most often they are made of high-quality plastic, and consist of a casing and a control mechanism. When choosing a canopy for the terrace, it is worth checking whether it is covered with impregnation that protects the material from solar radiation.

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  • movable balcony canopy – we can shade any part of the balcony;
  • The structure can be folded and unfolded, depending on the type of model, the canopy is hidden in the cassette or placed on the wall of the building;
  • Practically no force is needed to open the canopy;
  • The canopy will protect from the sun, rain and wind;
  • Awnings made of different fabrics are available: polyester, acrylic, solid and embossed models;
  • the jacket reflects up to 90% of ultraviolet rays;
  • A canopy hung above the window will prevent the room from heating up;
  • The ability to independently change the angle of the arms.
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Patio awnings have a range of up to 3.5 meters and are often made with foldable, hinged and laminated arms. If the canopy will be installed on the wall of the building, then the side brackets must be fixed to the wall.

You can buy umbrellas with or without cassettes. Cassette models are hidden in the case. The fabric has sufficient protection against bad weather, rain and snow.

Half cassette models are placed in an unfinished tape. The case of this model is protected against fading and dirt. The fabric and the tube are hidden in the sleeve, and the folded arms are visible from below.

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There are also models without straps – they are cheaper, and will also work well in places where they are not exposed to the weather. The tube, in which the casing is wound, remains exposed, and this model will work under the balcony or other roof.

Balcony canopies are also divided into manufacturing materials. It is important to choose models made of high-quality materials that will not be damaged in the first stronger winds. The fabric must be resistant to rips, stains, and fading. Polyester fabric umbrellas are a good choice. Manufacturers make sure that it is covered with acrylic varnish and then impregnated. This will allow the raindrops to run smoothly. A wide range of designs and colors will allow the terrace canopies to match the garden, balcony decor or garden furniture.

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