“Sky Rojo” will appear on Netflix later this month. To warm up the atmosphere ahead of the upcoming premiere, the site has just released a trailer for the new series from the creator of “House of Paper”. He ventures out of the work being shown in it.

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Due to the international success of “House of Paper”, Netflix has opened its doors to productions in a language other than English. Thus, Spain turned out to be a key country in the platform’s global strategy. From there, with the exception of the aforementioned title, many other hit songs come; For example, “Elite School” which, as it turned out recently, has received its fifth season. And there will be more possible phenomena.

In 2018, we learned that Alex Pina, the creator of “House of Paper,” signed an exclusive long-term contract with the platform. These included the series “White Lines” and the documentary film “House of Cards”. Global phenomenon. Later this month, “Sky Rojo” will join them. The production of the episode tells the story of three employees of the Las Novias nightclub and brothel. One day, Coral, Wendy and Gina decide to escape from the ruthless owner of the building. We read in the official description of the plot:

The three women start a desperate race where they will have to face all dangers, and their only goal is to survive and regain freedom. Anything is possible when the future is nothing more than trying to live the next five minutes. There is only one possibility that they will not be crushed by this reality, the heroines must show determination, caution and sense of humor.

Trailer “Sky Rojo” – New series from the creator of “House of Paper”

Exactly a month before launching production, we received the teaser, and now Netflix has released an entire trailer.

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The trailer only confirms what we suspected from previous ads. We’ll have a solid ride, lined with neon aesthetics and grindhouse style. So get ready for something like Quentin Tarantino’s “Death Proof” enriched with pastel hues. This also foretells the tailored poster for the series, which was shared with the trailer.

Sky Rojo / Netflix

Would Alex Pina handle such a climate and Sky Rojo would come out like “House of Paper”? We’ll find out in just two weeks.

The movie “Sky Rojo” will premiere on March 19, 2021 on the stage Netflix.