This made it extremely difficult for Rowling, of all people, to stand by Depp, who was not only accused of beating his wife in the newspapers, but now has a British legal establishment satisfied with his responsibility. Thus, to no one’s shock, It has been cut off. Warners asked him to quit playing Grindelwald, a request that Depp said he “respected and agreed to” in his written statement, despite his plans to appeal the “surreal verdict” to the Supreme Court.

Where does this film leave? No news has arrived about the reformulation. Fans shouted to see Pharrell return, although this would require some strange twists in the plot section, because Graves was just a coincidence for Gendelwald to live in the first photo. Most likely, the character’s alter-ego abilities will be invoked to justify the intervention of a third actor, similar to Doctor-Who.

Perhaps – as is the case with Michael Gambon who replaced the late Richard Harris as Dumbledore – they would not be fazed by any explanation whatsoever. Or perhaps Grindelwald’s prominence in the script diminishes – although filming has resumed for six weeks now, and is slated to run for fourteen years remaining, there is limited time for such maneuvers before the Depp replacement is shipped.

Precedents for last-minute switching are easily found in the post # MeToo era. In fact, Depp was turned away from the picture – although Warner Bros is supposed to count her blessings that could be swapped out before Depp’s full role is in the box. Kevin Spacey, after his fall from grace, became famous during post-production on Ridley Scott’s All the money in the world (2017), and was replaced by Christopher Plummer, who received an Academy Award nomination for his problem. Lo and behold, Plummer’s Twitter memes have been inundated since Depp’s departure, but the 90-year-old is definitely tired of playing Mr. Fixit.

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