According to, the social experiment, which was a basic income entry in Stockton, which has a population of 300,000, was actually identified in 2017, when Michael Tubbs was mayor of the city.

In 2019, the program called SEED (Stockton Economic Empowerment Offer) was successfully implemented.

For two years, I gave a group of 125 people $ 500 a month in guaranteed income. The money came from private pockets. One of the investors was Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes.

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More people went to work

The townspeople were not subjected to any restrictions on how their money was spent. The subsidy was offered to Stockton residents, whose salaries were below the median income in the city, less than 46,000. Dollars a year in income for each household. Funds transferred to debit card.

The results exceeded expectations. Thanks to additional financial resources, the city’s poorest residents paid off their debts and found a full-time job. It also increased their emotional stability. Contrary to concerns, only less than one percent of the money was spent on steroids, according to the study.


“The results clearly show the positive effect of guaranteed income. After just one year, the number of program participants and full-time work increased from 28 to 40%. In the control group, the increase was only 5 percent. Points (from 32 to 37%) Additional funds allowed for participants In the program, take time off. I & nbspseek is a better-paid full-time job “- & nbspread on the portal.

An experience or a necessity?

The report of American researchers also showed that after a year it had decreased from 62 to 52 percent. The number of people who are heavily indebted. This allowed them to improve their lives Well-being.

Most people spend their money mainly on food – 37 percent, 22 percent. – 11% of household items and clothes account for us. – & nbspna utilities, 10 percent. It was expensive Vehicle use.


More and more countries – in various forms – offer unconditional income. In Poland, utility can be considered a solution like this 500 plus.

Although people give up on the so-called, many conservative politicians are not opposed to anything that brings profit, and some are willing to set aside money to raise children.

The only question is where do you get the money for all of this? Hughes suggests raising taxes on the rich. Those who earn more than $ 250,000 in US states. In a year, they would pay, for example, up to 50 percent. Income tax.