Papaya Young Creators is the largest mentorship program in our region of the world as well as a competition for young talents, where they can propose creative ideas for the tasks presented and submit concepts that address their original topic. To participate in it, all you have to do is submit your idea for an ad, music video, audio or recording material on TikTok. For the first time, it included five very different categories of property and a variety of competition, a rich program of work with mentors and half a million zlotys in the award budget for the winners.

Onet is a partner in the ninth edition of Papaya Young Creators. As part of a jointly created mission, participants can record an ad film for the TikTok platform, reflecting the above idea. However, you should remember the vertical format and the time of no more than 30 seconds.

It’s a little more important now

According to global studies, women in Poland will have the same rights and opportunities as men in the year 2128. We cannot and do not intend to wait more than 100 years for what should be the obvious. Systemic changes are certainly necessary, and so are we struggling, but as part of the “NIECZEKAM107 YEARS” initiative, we believe change can begin at home, specifically with men and how they treat their wives, partners, mothers, sisters or daughters.

Ofeminin, as one of the initiators of the idea, wants to break this mechanism and show men that the division of household duties, parental roles or the finances of the home really contributes to the equality of the rights of women and men.

Branded TikTok Stories

Two subcategories, created in collaboration with TikTok, will appear in Papaya Young Creators 9th Edition. One of them is the branded TikTok Stories. Participants and participants will be able to go beyond the definition of TikTok as an entertainment platform by interpreting the various topics presented in Creative Starters. The answer to the contest feed might be an advertisement idea (using the TikTok media space).

TikTok Branded Stories aims to introduce brands to the world and the media space of TikTok and encourage participants to create innovative experiences to meet their needs. Regardless of the selected brand, the main task of the participant will be to design customized content for TikTok, based on the selected topics. Using sound and portrait orientation as master format or creative and interactive effects allow you to create content that can redefine your branded content.

Creativity and the ability to tell engaging stories can manifest themselves in a variety of platforms and formats. TikTok being a global phenomenon – the app that aggregates fictional original content, created by other users, is a powerful place to be in the discussion around contemporary communication and video.

Just submit and describe your idea on the platform Until midnight February 28, 2022.

Then the jury, which includes representatives of the media, the advertising world, filmmakers and creators of TikTok, will choose the ideas to be implemented. In the final stage, the finalists and finalists for their ideas will receive guidance, implementation support, and a grant of 12,000 PLN.

The film selected in the TikTok-branded story category can win PLN 10,000.

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