“We will all die. No hope. School turns into a bloody battlefield and friends into the worst enemies. Who will get out alive? Netflix streaming platform.

Zombie productions became very popular in South Korea due to the success of the movie “Zombie Express”, which was mentioned in the trailer for the series “All of Us Are Dead. It was not only a sequel to it, but also other productions about the living. Dead, including the series Another on Netflix titled “Kingdom”.

The script for “All of Us Are Dead” was created based on a South Korean webtoon (a comic book modified to be read on a smartphone screen) titled “Now at Our School”. It was published in 2009-2011. The directors of the series are Lee JQ, who directed, among others, the South Korean version of “Good Lies Good Company” and Nam-Soo Kim.

Interest in South Korean soap operas is steadily increasing due to the popularity of “Squid Game”. More and more series from that corner of the world are appearing on the Netflix platform, and “All of Us Are Dead” has a good chance of gaining popularity. Recently, the Netflix audience liked the Korean series “Hellbound” by the director of the movie “Zombie Express”.

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