Samantha Rowley, 30, from California, has gone through an amazing transformation over the past few years. As she admits, overweight problems have accompanied her since childhood, and her peers often made fun of her. However, recently she has found the strength and motivation to fight for her health, condition, and best looks. It turns out, her ex-boyfriend was her biggest drive to change.

As the woman admitted, obesity was a disgrace to her ex-partner, which is why he was constantly postponing the moment she introduced her to his family and friends.

– He didn’t want to introduce us. The reason was my weight – a woman wrote in one of the posts on Instagram. The end of my relationship with him prompted me to change. Moreover, I wanted to take revenge on my ex-boyfriend and show him how much he lost – Samantha admits.

After some time, it also turns out that the guy was cheating on her and cheating on her. When they finally split up, Samantha decides to completely change her life and image and take care of her health.

The changes started by consulting a doctor and she decided to undergo a gastric bypass operation, which allowed her to regain control of her appetite and make it easier to lose excess weight. It has also drastically changed the way we eat.

Samantha excluded sweets, fast food, sugary drinks, and other highly processed foods from the diet. She also paid attention to regular physical activity.

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The woman managed to lose weight from 165 kg to 72 kg. After this amazing transformation, Samantha Rawley had to deal with the sagging skin that remained after the fallen kilograms. The thirty-year-old decided to take it off.

Now Samantha motivates other women. Her Instagram account is followed by more than 34,000 accounts. Fans, with whom the girl shares more progress in the fight for health and fitness.