Anton Logvinov, who first announced the release of Horizon Zero Dawn on PC, has now talked about Horizon: Forbidden West. In his opinion, Guerrilla Games will join the amazing productions that will not make their debut in 2021.

Sony this week Gran Turismo 7 latest release to 2022Meanwhile, J.Im Ryan has been very vague about Horizon: Forbidden West, among other things. Anton Logvinov was more accurate about the first show, which foretells another delay.

Detective was the first to announce the premiere of Horizon Zero Dawn on PC, and now he’s talking about Guerrilla Games’ next moves. One player complained about the delay in so many major titles at the start of the year, and Anton responded wildly to his message: “I’d also like to add Horizon to that list.”

This has not been confirmed in any way, but Anton Logvinov has proven to have good connections with the Guerrilla Games staff. As you may know, Horizon: Forbidden West still has no final release date.

It should be noted that Jim Ryan did not confirm the launch of the new Aloy adventure in 2021 in a recent interview, but Sony does “feel good” about this element.