The West is waiting with an outstretched hand

Washington has not yet communicated publicly with Pyongyang since Joe Biden became US president in January. Kim Dung Eun He recently assessed that his country should prepare for dialogue and confrontation with the United States.

“We still hope that the DPRK will respond positively to offering our meeting at any place and time without preconditions,” Ambassador Sung Kim said in a trilateral meeting with South Korean officials. Japan is responsible for contacts with Pyongyang. At the same time, he called on UN countries to comply with the sanctions imposed on North Korea for its armament.

Kim, the US government’s special envoy to North Korea since last month, is also its ambassador to Indonesia. His visit to Seoul came after the conclusion of the plenum of the Central Committee of the North Korean ruling party.

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The US diplomat also mentioned, referring to Kim Jong-un’s announcement, that the US would also be ready for dialogue and confrontation with North Korea, and said, “We hope Chairman Kim’s reference to dialogue means that we will get a positive response soon,” he added.

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So far, North Korea has refused requests from the Biden administration for diplomatic contacts. Negotiations between the United States and North Korea on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula have stalled since the failed summit attended by former US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un in February 2019.

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