Finally, the first swallow appeared to normalize relations between Huawei and the United States. An agreement was reached on Meng Wanzhou – Huaweia deputy director and chief financial officer at the same time.

three years ago Meng Wanzhou Being Huaweia’s CFO and the daughter of the company’s founder, she was caught home. The story is fun because it all happened… at an airport in Canada. Although, of course, at the request – and how – of the USA.

What is Meng’s alleged crime? Trade with Iran. Since then, Chinese women reside house arrest At his home in Vancouver. At the time, her lawyers openly described the actions of Canada and the United States as another manifestation of a clash with China. Now, however, it’s over for Meng and Huawei an agreement from the United States of America. It will last four years, during which the Chinese woman undertakes to comply with the provisions and pay the fine.

However, it should be noted that these four years already include three years under house arrest, so Meng will only have one year of compliance with it.

Huaweia deputy director finally managed go home He took advantage of it right away. The woman is already in China. The Middle Kingdom allowed Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig to return to Canada. The first was convicted of espionage and the second trial was not over.

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