comment Penalties superimposed on Belarus Minister Zbigniew Rau stressed that if the authorities in Minsk start a dialogue, release all political prisoners and set a new date for the presidential elections, then Belarus will be able to count on economic support, because the European Union has an economic plan prepared for this.

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“The European Union is very sensitive and, in fact, on the initiative of Poland, considers that the negative consequences for the Belarusian system should be noted, but it is necessary, on the other hand, to inform civil society and those surrounding the system who may have doubts that there is a way of the Belarusian system of democracy and that it will be supported not only politically, but also economically by the European Union ”- said the head of Polish diplomacy in an interview with a Polish radio. He also stressed that if the regime does not decide to change, it should take into account more sanctions.

Lithuania wants to build a wall on the border with Belarus. for 15 million euros

Belarus with EU sanctions. There is a decision

European Union foreign ministers today approved a fourth sanctions package for the brutal crackdown on citizens as well as for the hijacking of a plane from Athens to Vilnius in late May. On board was the opposition journalist Roman Protasevich, who was arrested after landing in Minsk. 78 officers will be banned from entering the European Union and frozen property in Europe. 8 companies will also be blacklisted with prohibited assets.

In addition, the European Union also decided to impose economic sanctions on Belarus. There is already the green light to finalize wash On the restrictions that will hit key sectors of the Belarusian economy. The findings of the Brussels correspondent for Polish Radio, Beata Polomica, show that the sanctions will apply to sectors – Crude oilAnd potassium salts and drains.

Belarus responds to the union: our plan is to develop cooperation with new markets

The Belarusian authorities also commented on the issue of sanctions. The Belarusian Economy Minister announced that Minsk has an emergency plan for the economy in response to Western sanctions. Economy Minister Alexander Kzarvako admitted in an interview with Belarusian state-owned TV that the sanctions may reduce GDP by 3 percent in those sectors of the economy that will be subject to EU restrictions due to the need to redirect exports.

“Our plan is to develop cooperation with new markets, returning to Asia. We also want to introduce production aimed at replacing imports” – says the minister /

On the other hand, independent economist Roman Jakoliowski told Radio Poland that the new EU sanctions will affect the Belarusian economy. “It will take some time to see the impact of these sanctions on the country’s economy. This time their impact will be seen,” Jakoliowski said.

The expert estimates that the Belarusian authorities and companies will try to circumvent the sanctions. One way might be to change the name of a sanctioned company.

Belarus will witness EU sanctionsBelarus punish sanctions. Lukashenka and his men gathered

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