The Foreign Office, Bishops’ Conference and Circuit Court are now in orbit to bring back Mr RS, who had a stroke in the fall, and recently a British court in Plymouth decided to separate him from life support equipment. In fact, Qutub was condemned to starve to death from food and drink. But efforts are still underway to change the mind and save the person’s life.

The sequence of events was as follows: The stroke resulted in a paused heart rate of several minutes and, Judge Cohen said, permanent brain damage. Despite the opinion of a neurologist, part of the family, mother, sister, and a Catholic priest who accompanied the trial that the electrode’s condition had improved, the judge did not change his decision. Evidence that a sick person has 50 percent out of 50 percent. The chance to recover from brain damage was not taken into account. The judge also refused to allow the Pole to be transported to his home country, where he will be treated, saying, “It is not in the patient’s interest.” So death lies, and potential healing does not lie? What a twisted thinking!

The State Department stepped in and sent a letter to Health Secretary Matt Hancock – no use. The Polish consul in Great Britain tried, legally, of course, to get to the patient – and he also refused. The appeal to the Human Rights Court was rejected, despite which case would be eligible for defense by CJEU if not euthanasia in the absence of the consent of some doctors and half of the family?
The head of the Archbishopric, Stanislav Godecki, who had written a letter to the leader of British Catholics, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, intervened without any apparent influence. In the Thames I stopped obeying the clergy.

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what happened? Irreversible secularization in the country? Wooden rationing of the British? It is a mixture of several circumstances. Firstly, while the UK has a conservative government, it is actually “modern sympathetic conservatives” which complicates matters – but society is actually very secular. Suffice it to say that still – and in voting for the Conservative Party they had their share in the UK – we have an abortion on demand and free pregnancy of up to 6 months.

While “active” euthanasia does not yet exist – Labor expects such a law within the next three years – “passive euthanasia” exhausts all of the hallmarks of “active” euthanasia. Disconnect from the device with the consent of the patient and his family, and consult with doctors who “feel that death will happen in a few days anyway”. What does it mean – feel? And can you be sure in medicine that the patient will go within three days, or maybe three weeks? Another category is “pre-decision”, meaning that the patient is alive and well, indicating that if a borderline condition occurs, he does not want to preserve his body functions. The last group is a “permanent vegetative state”. In 2018, two years ago, the British Supreme Court decided that the court’s permission to disconnect the device was not necessary at all. In the case of our fellow citizen, it was the court that decided to separate the life support apparatus, and thus some authority, not just the family and a few doctors.

However, the RS case is only part of the story. British secular society, generally left-liberal local governments, fighting the conservative government of Boris Johnson, as well as in cases of abortion and euthanasia, and extremist judiciary – guided by principles of political correctness – does not usually protect the victim, but the criminal, and the NHS, the Public Health Service, which does not Necessarily interested in the patient greatly, because the 250,000 immigrants annually, who automatically find themselves in the system, because there is no money, because the ideology is towards the “civilization of death”. I experienced myself that although the NHS 20 years ago was much better than the Polish Health Service at the time, the opposite is true today. Polish doctors remember the Hippocratic oath better, and today Polish authorities as well as British care for their own citizens stranded somewhere outside. The Pole from Plymouth already has a consular passport, and Podzic’s clinic is waiting for the victory of mind, heart, humanity, not wooden legality, a “civilization of life” and not death.

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