This is great news, especially for fans of Andrzej Sapkowski’s protagonist – in more than ten days in the museum – Kashubian Ethnographic Park. T. and I. Gulgowski in Wdzydze will begin filming for several additional scenes from Season 2 of the Netflix series “The Witcher”.

Everyone who has visited the museum at least once knows what unusual place is for the Kashubian Ethnographic Park in Wdzydze Kiszewskie. Others should go there as soon as possible. Whenever the village is recreated there, the creators of Netflix are mesmerized.

The Witcher is a character created by Andrzej Sapkowski on the pages of nine fictional novels. The hero of his books gained international fame among others thanks to a game created by Polish CD Projekt Red and thanks to the first season of Netflix’s “The Witcher” in 2019.

The photos of the first season of the series were captured in Budapest, Hungary, on the Gran Canaria and La Palma islands in Spain, and in New York and in Bologna Ogrodzinek. In the second, most of the scenes were shot at Arborfield Studios in the United Kingdom, as well as on the Scottish Isle of Skye.

The epidemic slowed the production of new episodes, but at the same time the producers found their way to Wdzydze thanks to him. They wanted to emphasize the Slavic nature of the story more in the series, hence the pictures in the village. The series’ producers took into account several locations in the Czech Republic and Poland, but they finally decided to film in the museum in Wdzydze.

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We are excited that we have yet to realize such a massive cinematic production at the museum would also be an organizational challenge and an adventure for us – says Bartus Stachoviak from the Publishing and Promotion Department.

The M-KPE will play the role of a Temerian village that one of the heroes of the saga will visit. The 22-hectare museum, located on Lake Goło بحيرة, is ideal for this purpose. The village consists of more than 50 pieces – huts, palaces, a school, a blacksmith’s shop, taverns, windmills, churches, farm buildings, and craft workshops. The team will have a lot of room to show off.

Interestingly, during their stay in Cachopia, the “The Witcher” will visit the vicinity as well. In a so-called prequel to the series, I plan to shoot the series in the castle in Łapalice.

We liked the building and the surrounding forests. The facility provides a lot of space for the performance – there is a swimming pool, monasteries, towers and large halls – thanks to these conditions it is possible to create several scenes there, and at the same time comfortably set up the team – one of our team members told us.

The area around the castle itself will require major changes, although the neglected nature of “ownership” suits the creative as well. All graffiti and painting walls will also require cleaning, but that’s not an issue in a production shot this large.

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As we found out, production representatives will soon appear in Łapalice and meet the owner of the facility.

The second season of the series story about the fate of the famous hero of Andrzej Sapkowski’s books is likely to be shown on the screens at the end of this year.

Image by Dariush Zaruba

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Scenes from the series “The Witcher” will be created in the museum in Wdzydze Kiszewskie!.