The Washington Post gave information about the death of Gordona Lady. A former FBI agent, attorney, and representative died at his daughter’s home in Firefax County, Virginia. The son of the former client who confirmed this information did not clarify the cause of death.

Lady led the operation in which 5 robbers entered in June 1972 to the headquarters of the National Committee Democratic Party In the Watergate complex of the Washington buildings. At the time, current US President Richard Nixon was running for re-election. An investigation into the case revealed that Nixon not only knew about the break-in, but agreed to it. Faced with the accusations, the president resigned.

In connection with the case, Gordon Lady was sentenced to 20 years in prison for conspiracy, robbery, wiretapping and illegal phone calls and refused to testify before a Senate committee. However, Lady did not serve the entire sentence. Five years later, President Jimmy Carter pardoned him, stating that the punishment was too severe.

New restrictions are still not enough? The Poles came from Professor Siroy

After his release from prison, Lady became a media personality. He hosted radio programs and appeared frequently on the conservative Fox News Channel. He was also invited to participate in many debates organized in American universities.

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