Fans who attended the IWE Pro-Wresting Gala in August will remember this event for a long time. A fan video of Joe Black’s brawl with one of his supporters has already been posted on social media.

Joe Black was heading to the ring to fight Anthony Henry. In the end, this confrontation did not happen, because even before entering the arena of competition … the player got into a fight with a fan.

In the recording, you can see Black nervously moving his hand, as if he wanted to get something out of the fans’ hands. This did not owe him a hard hit. Gu Black fell to the ground from an electric shock. However, he quickly got up and got into a fight with his aggressive scenes.

For a brief moment, they hit each other with blows to the barriers separating the audience from the players. Later, the bodyguards and the second of the evening fighters entered the game. The situation seemed to be under control, but that was only the beginning.

As a result of these events, the long-awaited duel between Joe Black and Anthony Henry did not take place. It is not known if the police have arrested anyone. On the other hand, the IWE Pro-Wrestling Federation itself only posted a short statement on Facebook.

An unfortunate event occurred at today’s event, which will be discussed by IWE representatives. Thanks everyone for coming and we apologize for any inconvenience – it’s just written.

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