French series “Where is my agent?” (French film “Dix pour cent”), which tells the story of movie stars and their clients, conquered the world. Now local copies are being created in other countries. And the adaptation rights have been sold to, among other countries, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey and Great Britain Now it’s time for the Polish version!

What’s the French hit about “Dix pour cent”?

The main characters of the French series are the star agents and this production is about their work. The original French version featured stars such as Juliette Binoche, Monica Bellucci, Isabelle Adjani, or Sigourney Weaver. Most importantly, the aforementioned actresses have played there…themselves! Camille Cotten played one of the main roles, known to Polish viewers, including. With “Gucci House”Obsessed Eve” if “Still water “.

“My agent” – everything we know about the series in the Polish version

In the Polish adaptation entitled “my agent” We’ll see a galaxy of stars including. Magdalena Cielecka, Danuta Stenka or Grażyna Szapołowska, who will play themselves in the series. In each episode, a different Polish star will appear as a guest star. The plot, just like the original, will focus on the daily struggles of the employees of the acting agency, who take care of the greatest stars of film, theater and television. Among them: Marek (Marek Gerzach), Aja (Alexandra Pisula), Gabriel (Maciej Macijuski) and Mira (Ewa Zikulska). They are supported by their assistants – Ewa (Anna Cieślak), Julian (Dawid Ściupidro) and Zosia (Sylwia Achu). Problems begin when the owner of the agency dies – Gustaw (Krzysztof Jasiński). From then on, agents will have to figure out a way to save the business. Thanks to this series, viewers will have the opportunity to learn what the profession of an agent is all about and how representative agencies work.

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The new series is produced by Player Original. TVN Group is executing two seasons of production at once. We are currently filming for the first season, which will contain six episodes and is scheduled to premiere later this year. Julia Kohlberger and Olga Chagdas are responsible for directing, while Jacob Gizeh and Anna Rzybka are the cinematographers. You can watch the French version on Netflix.


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