Google Maps will soon have a brand new feature. It is a tool that will alert you to traffic jams and other difficulties in the area from the location of the smartphone home screen.

In the realm of Google Maps, we can’t complain about the recent drought. after, after The most famous map application in the world Got an integrated air quality indicator and graph calculator, it’s time for another new innovation.

This time, the protagonist is a widget that is placed on the home screen of the smartphone, and it will inform you in real time about Traffic jams and other road difficulties in the region. It all depends only on your current location. Without the need to route or open the main application in advance.

New Google Maps.  It will make your city driving easier

It is true that the company from Mountain View Don’t show offWhere did the idea for this solution come from, but it is very easy to identify the main application.

Namely, imagine that you are just leaving work. You know the way home by heart, so don’t turn on the navigation, though Knowing in advance the traffic jam On the main road, you can walk the side streets. Sounds reasonable, admit it.

Unfortunately, it is not known exactly when the described functionality will reach users. We just know he’ll get it first AndroidBy the way, make a note on his account Official piece No. 35.

Image Credit: Angie Yeoh / Shutterstock

Text source: Google, editor. king

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