Samsung is working on a phone that could stun the mobile community. The smartphone is supposed to have a transparent screen, which means that you will see the space behind the back panel of the device.

The new patent granted to Samsung by WIPO, the Global Documentation Database, sounds crazy, and it really is — the idea is so unusual that it would take years to commercialize.

However, we can be sure that when the madman is ready to buy such interesting smartphones, Samsung will be the first in this segment.

Samsung transparent smartphone sparks imagination

The Koreans developed the phone with Sliding screen, its coating may be transparent More specifically, partial transparency and the degree of transparency will depend on the materials and filters used. However, the idea is simple: let the user see things behind the back panel.

Photo: LetsGoDigital

The idea of ​​a transparent smartphone is subjective, so there’s no need to delve into it – we know exactly what it’s all about. The feature of this smartphone, for example Show navigation in a more realistic way, Without the use of cameras to monitor the space in front of the user.

Photo: LetsGoDigital

Through the surface of the smartphone, it will also be possible to read books and scan documents – Samsung even had an idea to combine cameras with the matrix. All ideas are described in 97 pages, so the idea did not come from the “street”, but was thought and consulted. Incidentally, a patent for the future.

What about the future Samsung phone? Does it make sense or vice versa?

Vivo X Fold was captured in the photo. I didn’t wait long to get a folded smartphone!


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