Fiancé Stewart Donald, the former owner of AFC Sunderland and whistles of the Netflix documentary about this club, flew to Poland in 2015 to have breast surgery at a plastic surgery clinic. As Laura Clark assures, before deciding to take this step, she searched the Internet for a long time for information on this topic and thoroughly examined the doctors who would perform her surgery.

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After the operation in Poland, the British WAG can die

Unfortunately, nothing went as planned. Immediately after the operation, Laura, a mother of three, was horrified. However, she was told by the doctor who performed the operation that her pain threshold was low. Finally, the implants were quickly removed. After this operation, her condition was worse.

– The pain and discomfort that I felt after the operation continued to increase. The next day she was literally in pain and had a fever. The nurse who came to change my bandages told me how bad I felt, but only said I was fine, Laura Clark recalls in an interview with The Sun.

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