We have announced a tender for the supply and installation of two CT velocity measurements on the S8 in Warsaw – said Monica Nyiak, spokeswoman for the General Inspectorate of Land Transport.

A spokeswoman for the General Road Transport Inspection Authority announced that the sectional velocity measurement on the S8 will be in two parts – indicative -: the first between Konotoba Junction and Bemowo Interchange, and the second between Łabiszyńska Junction and Marki Junction. These are indicative points so far, because the detailed locations of the devices will be known at a later stage – she explained.

Checks will be made on all main lines in both directions. She said that the places were chosen in cooperation and agreement with the director of the road, that is, the General Directorate of National Roads and Highways.

She noted that sectional speed measurements are used to monitor the speed of vehicles on dangerous sections of the roads. The system calculates the average speed based on the travel time between the start and end of the monitored path. The main advantage of OPP (cross-sectional velocity metering) is the ability to convince drivers to limit speeds along the monitored section, which greatly improves safety for all road users – she indicated.

Implementation of CT velocity is more complex than the introduction of other types of recording equipment into the control. This is due to the need to use an extensive traffic control system, including. A network of cameras adapted to the road infrastructure – she said.

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It also confirmed that to ensure the correctness of the measurements, a number of arrangements, analyzes and inspections were made in S8.

It also added that the CT velocity measurement installation on the S8 was affected, among other things, by the accident of a bus falling on the S8 from the Grota-Rowecki Bridge over the Wisłostrada River. – Talks about introducing OPP into these departments have intensified after the bus accident. She explained that the necessity to provide supervision of the S8 route using recording devices was confirmed through a road safety analysis, which primarily takes into account the severity of road accidents

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