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else QLED TVs Samsung from 2021 will have an interesting feature. To be responsible for lighting the image.

The new mechanism is called HDR10 + Adaptive. Thanks to this, while watching various content with HDR10 + (a technology that enhances a wider color palette in addition to contrast and black and bright elements), the TV will use an external lighting sensor to dynamically adjust the brightness level. If it detects high brightness – it will also raise its level on the screen.

HDR has this feature that looks best in dark rooms. However, not everyone watches TV only under these conditions. That is why HDR10 + Adaptive can be useful – because it is thanks to it that the image will illuminate depending on the lighting conditions in our room.

Hence – when viewing HDR10 + content it will not appear “washed out” when lit in the room.

Previously, there were concerns about the Whether HDR10 + will not expire. However, Samsung has signed an agreement with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment under which more HDR10 + content will be available on VOD services.

Currently, Amazon Prime Video and Rakuten TV support most HDR10 + content. HDR10 + Adaptive is also compatible Outlet mode, Which is an automatic movie mode that disrupts image smoothing for the best cinematic experience.

The competition also offers a similar solution. It’s Dolby Vision IQ on TVs LG OLED From the X series (like LG GX) Which works similarly but with Dolby Vision.

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We’ll see Samsung’s latest QLED TVs for 2021 at CES in January 2021.

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