Rumors about OnePlus’ next flagship series started making the rounds a few days after the company The OnePlus 8T was unveiled. The first rumor indicated that OnePlus will unveil the OnePlus 9 series in March next year. Four weeks ago From the usual release schedule. Then, first member of XDA Some_Random_Username Spotted New Chains In the OxygenOS Open Beta 3rd Edition For the OnePlus 8 series, which indicates that the original equipment manufacturer was planning to return to Verizon with the upcoming flagship.

Then we get First look at OnePlus 9 Just a few days ago, thanks to the leaked CAD renders shared by 91 mobiles. The famous leak OnLeaks she has Makes it now shared From OnePlus 9 Pro, which gives us our first look at the world’s best OnePlus smartphone for 2021.

As you can see in the attached images, the upcoming OnePlus 9 Pro will feature the same rectangular camera island design that we saw on the leaked OnePlus 9 display. However, it appears that the Pro variant will feature an additional camera sensor and a rectangular LED flash. The other major difference comes in the shape of the screen, with the OnePlus 9 Pro featuring a larger 6.7-inch curved unit instead of the 6.55-inch flat screen found on the OnePlus 9.

It should be noted that these CAD renders are based on a device that is still in the prototyping stage. OnLeaks He adds that while The vast majority of the design is based on stone, OnePlus may change some small details or alter the design of the rear camera before launch.

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Together with the new CAD offerings, 91 mobiles she has Share another post With what they claim is a live photo of the regular OnePlus 9 camera island (attached below). The post also shared some rumored specifications about the device, indicating that it will feature a 48MP primary camera with a focal length of 6mm.

OnePlus 9 camera module leak

The primary sensor will be accompanied by a 48MP ultra-wide sensor and an unspecified third sensor. It is also worth noting that while the famous Max J (Embed a Tweet) He previously expressed doubts about the offers shared by the post, he has now done so Retreat from his statement He claims the rendering operations are accurate.