The 35-year-old won his seventh Formula One championship in 2020, breaking the record for Michael Schumacher. After this achievement, many people began asking for their fourth Formula 1 driver – after Sir Jack Stewart and Sir Stirling Moss (UK) and Sir Jack Brabham (Australia) – to be a knight.

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Knight of Lewis Hamilton. Boris Johnson decided

Prime Minister Boris Johnson became interested. On Thursday, he decided to give him a knighthood. He was about to be placed on the Brits of a Country Abroad list. This decision was controversial. It is about taxes Hamilton pays in Monaco, not the UK.

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The first show does not care about world champion taxes. Hamilton actually made it clear three years ago

However, this was not a legal obstacle to awarding him the title, and Johnson did not take it into account. People don’t take into account many things: I travel a dozen or so countries, I win thanks to the prizes I win there and have to pay taxes on them. In addition, I pay a lot of taxes in Monaco and through my work I help maintain the British team of nearly a thousand people employed here – it answered questions arising about its taxes in 2017, citing the Daily Mail.

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Hamilton has not been confirmed as Mercedes driver for the 2021 season. He does not have a signed contract yet, but it looks like he will remain with the team as he was on the order list that the teams sent to the FIA. Valtteri Bottas will remain his teammate, and Toto Wolff will remain the team manager.