It’s not just the Google Play Store that can’t handle the malicious apps issue. The latter is also found in the Samsung-owned Galaxy Store. Those users who are interested in free movie watching apps are at risk.

According to the information on the site Android PoliceShowbox, along with many similar copies, infects the devices of unwary users. So far, at least 5 malware of this type have been found in the Galaxy Store.

Google Play Protection Warning

As Max Weinbach notes, some Showbox-based apps trigger a Google Play Protect warning. This feature is designed to protect your device by checking for potentially malicious apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.

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Users can enable Google Play Protect directly from the Google Play Store app. After going to it, click on the profile icon, go to the Play Protect menu and select Settings. From here, you can enable or disable the option Checking apps with Play Protect.

The feature checks all apps not just when the user installs them. In addition, he periodically checks the device. If a potentially harmful program is found, Play Protect will send a notification allowing you to remove, disable or delete it automatically.

The size of the problem

Given the growing popularity of Showbox-style apps that are now inactive, we warn users against downloading such software. When using the Galaxy Store, it is also advised to be extra careful. There is a good chance that the spread of this type of application will lead to a torrent of new malware that will be added to the Store by fraudulent developers.