In late December, many of us made various summaries to determine our New Year’s resolutions. He belongs to this group Ed Sheeran.

However, anyone who thinks that the famous singer’s decisions are limited to trivial matters, such as exercising more frequently or following a low-calorie diet, is mistaken. The artist made a more ambitious plan. As revealed in an interview with BBC Radio LondonIt intends to acquire large areas of land and plant trees on it next year. All this to offset your carbon footprint. As he admitted, in this way he wants to compensate for the damage he has done to the environment by traveling around the world and giving concerts in recent years.

“I plan to buy as much land as possible and plant as many trees as possible. I want Britain to be green and wild again. I love my country and my nature, so I decided to act. It definitely has a negative impact on the planet – I travel all the time and play concerts in different parts of the world. The world. I know I’m a public figure in the crosshairs of people who want to point out many wrongs, but I do my best. Sustainable development is very important to me,” Sheeran said.

The musician spends most of his time on his farm in East Suffolk, known as “Sheranville”Which includes, among others, a bar, a recording studio, an underground concert hall and a private cinema. As revealed recently “the sun” Source, the artist has long made sure that his property is as green as possible. “Over the past five years, he has planted a lot of trees. He has spent tens of thousands of pounds on this project and is very committed to sustainable development. He has a huge field that will become a real dense forest in a few years” – revealed a person from the singer’s close circle.

However, “Sheranville” has been the cause of numerous controversies for a long time. Disputes that arose between the artist and his neighbors repeatedly ended in court. Last year, he lived near a theater star Anthony Robinson He won a lawsuit to expand his back garden. The man was officially allowed to go ahead with the project despite Sheeran’s objections that it would lead to “an unfavorable and artificial alteration of the countryside landscape”.

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