It is best to check carefully before leaving the house if something new arrives in your bag or backpack.

arrived to Apple AirTag And I thought it was ludicrous to finish the test.

admittedly Material prepared by Łukasz It showed quite clearly that – unlike appearances – the Apple AirTag could do well in Poland, but it was rather vibrant. After all, who will pack the locator for 150 PLN per shipment. And there’s better equipment to keep track of those really valuable packages.

However, under this text, there was a comment requesting to check whether the vehicle’s position could be monitored in this way. A simple test – put the Airtag on the trunk, the wife takes the car and goes somewhere, and we’re tasked with using Apple services to track where she’s parked.

I took three words from him: AirTag, Area I Trace. Without thinking, I tossed the apple locator in my bag.

I was afraid of two basic things.

First of all – it will find AirTag when searching for something in the wallet. This is not a mini spy bug that can be hidden away from being found. However, it is a rather large disk, on the one hand it is shiny (and painted as hell), and on the other hand – white.

The second concern is the accuracy of the tracking itself, or rather the frequency with which the location information was obtained. Ukasz finally followed the package as it traded across Poland, so the number of times it was located was a minor issue. On the other hand, I wanted to follow someone, so the accuracy and regularity of the information provided to me was of the utmost importance.

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First, my wife went to work.

And since he travels on public transport and commutes to work during the morning rush hour, finding someone with an iPhone in a city like Wroclaw was no bigger problem.

Yes, I forgot to charge my phone overnight.

As a result, throughout my roughly 40-minute business trip, I had a near-constant overview of my wife’s whereabouts. Almost steady, as the Localizer app usually showed the site 3-8 minutes ago. You might rarely surprise someone by looking perfect in the same spot, but not too bad

However, I didn’t have a preview of the same route from home to the bus station – apparently no one with an iPhone has come here.

It was a little worse at work.

It seems the ergonomics there are almost devoid of an iPhone, or the AirTag has gotten lazy for some reason, but the site refresh rate has dropped dramatically. Most of the reports available after opening the app were older than 30-50 minutes.

However, this does not change the fact that the site provided it Irtaga It was true, even including the exact building number (although the adjacent building had appeared for a while) and unfortunately, he showed the truth – when his wife enters work, she doesn’t move anywhere until evening.

And a return time.

In this case, tracking was both good and bad.

Bad, because apparently on the way from work to the bus station you didn’t encounter anyone with an iPhone. Eventually I called her to ask if she’d be staying at work for the long haul, because I had already made dinner and found out she was waiting at the bus stop. The locator continued to show it was in business. So if we want to catch someone here and now – which was also featured in the Morning Test segment – he’s not with AirTag. Or at least not always.

The rest of the ride home was nearly identical to the morning drive. The location was reported so meticulously and so frequently that I had no trouble meeting her dog, as I met her halfway down the not-so-long road home.

Then I took it out of the AirTag backpack – and it was a huge surprise to her.

Did you suspect for a moment that she was stalking her?

not at all. Surprisingly, she was walking around the cabin where the AirTag was located, but it appears the new item was very effectively hidden among a million others.

Nor was she in any way informed that someone was following her using AirTag. Notification on the phone? No, because he owns an Android smartphone so it will not receive a tracking message. If she has an iPhone, this problem shouldn’t be there. I myself got a notification that Łukasz’s AirTag was stalking me, while he was still hauling home from the parcel locker.

In theory, the AirTag has another layer of protection in such cases – if you don’t call the owner’s phone for three days, it will start to creak, which will undoubtedly attract attention.

This is only in my situation and in my test it does not apply. My phone will be in touch with AirTag every day (unless I go somewhere) so the counter will count these three days nonstop from scratch.

So yeah – you can give someone an AirTag and track it this way. But is it a good equipment for actual tracking?

And I don’t actually mean tracking down – it might be illegal at all. However, there is often a need to locate a specific person with their consent – for example in the case of the elderly, or perhaps in the case of people wishing to venture into unknown terrain.

And in this case, AirTag Could Be a good solution. But it depends on many factors – including the area where someone with this AirTag is moving. If a person went to a sparsely populated area, there is little chance that they could be located this way, and if we did, we might know their last location from a long time ago. It is different in the way of travel – here you can think of it as an emergency way of determining the location, for example, if the phone becomes flat, but … there are better solutions (although they are more expensive)

The same is the case with elderly people who like to leave the house sometimes, not telling anyone about it, not taking the phone with them and out of thin air, and turning half of the family into a research team. Here, too, it all depends on Where Lives and Where They will go. If they go for a walk from their village to the forest – good luck in your search. If they live in town and go for a walk instead Rich in humanity Areas, they should be good – as my test showed. We may not always have last-minute sites, but there is a chance that we can narrow your search very effectively.

Unfortunately, another drawback appears here – the aforementioned audio signals after 3 days of disconnecting from the owner’s phone. We will have to visit this person every 3 days to prevent the AirTag going crazy.

AirTag has one cool feature here.

Namely, the battery. Sure, we could give someone an old iPhone and locate it this way – this is by far the most accurate solution. It’s all about being someone has to charge that iPhone. Likewise with Apple Watch. Likewise with more complex tracking devices with GPS and GSM systems. It all needs to be charged regularly – sometimes less, sometimes more often, but you still should.

And the AirTag? Once a year, insert a new battery and follow the shriek. However, it does not alter the fact that the tracking results that we can obtain still persist It may vary greatly.

PS test will also be done with car, don’t worry.