A comfortable and safe space that is meant to allow for a moment of rest, but also to promote development. The District of Creative Activities has been established at the University of Gdask. It is organized for children from Ukraine who can, under the appropriate auspices of volunteers, develop their interests or spend time actively in the building of the chemistry department, in the place of the former bicycle shed.

The Creative Activities District was created thanks to the participation of students, staff, several units of the University of Gdask and donors.

Our Creative Activities District is the result of one of the many auxiliary activities undertaken at the University of Gdask. When we created this space, we really wanted it to be safe, friendly and open to people of all ages. We assumed that if mothers came to us from Ukraine and had two or three children, then everyone should find something for themselves here – says Barbara Madani from the Academic Cultural Center of the University of Gdask.

Effective and efficient organization

Hundreds of things necessary to run a dayroom poured into the Social Sciences College. As the organizers say, after three days we managed to collect almost everything – from large furniture to crayons, paints and other teaching aids.

– We have collected a lot of wonders for children of preschool age, I mean toys, games and picture books in the Ukrainian language. We have prepared an interesting offer of activities and workshops for older children. We were helped by people from the University of Gdask, a research club, and art groups working in the Academic Cultural Centre. Children from the age of three can be left in the care of our animators. They speak Polish, Ukrainian and Russian. Young puppies are invited with their parents. We’ve also set up a mom’s corner, where you can drink coffee on a comfy sofa, explains Barbara Madani.

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The Creative Activities Zone was established on the 19th of April. It is open from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 15:00. It is located at the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Gdask at ul. Wita Stwosza 63. All lessons are free.

Marta Włodarczyk / MK